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Some pictures

The other day we took all the horses home to deworm and trimm their hooves. It was a good opportunity to take a better look at some of the young ones. Here are some pictures. Hnota frá Nautabúi, 1 year

Foals 2017

  Finally all foals of this year have been born. We got two stallions and two mares this time. First came a black mare after Gola and Hróður frá Refsstöðum. A few days later we got a black stallion after

“Icelandic Champion” in V1 with a score of 8.27

  Now the Icelandic Championships are over, and I look back proud and happy. After the preliminaries we were in 7th place, and second in the B-final with a score of 7.33. I got some really good pep-talk and nice

More projects

In February the weather was unbelievably good for this time of the year, which inspired us to start some exciting projects. We started creating some riding trails, but shortly after we began, it started to snow. This weather unfortunately lasted

Caeli, our working student from Hólar

We are very happy to welcome Caeli Cavanagh at our farm Nautabúi. Caeli, who is from Vermont in the United States, is a second year student at Hólar University. She is going to spend the next two months as a

New website

On this website you will find all main news about what´s going on at our farm Nautabú, mainly though about the stable and the horses. The news-page and sales-page will be refreshed regularly, so please take a look now and then. You can find us also on facebook (Nautabú, Artemisia Bertus & Höskuldur Jensson).
We want to thank Andrea Bertus ( and Wilfred Helmig ( for their great work and making this website real.

Winter training has begun

It’s always an exiting time when the winter-training starts. This time most of the horses in our stable are only four years old.

Korgur 2016

Last winter Korgur came into the stable quite late. Usually I start his training after a summer and early autumn-break, but due to rebuilding of the stable, and taking care of our little son, I started in January.

Rebuilding the stable

Last year, in the autumn of 2015, we started rebuilding the stable. We had not much time, only four month´s before the horses had to be taken in for training.