Korgur 2016

Last winter Korgur came into the stable quite late. Usually I start his training after a summer and early autumn-break, but due to rebuilding of the stable, and taking care of our little son, I started in January. Korgur was in a very good shape though, so I decided to compete on him already on the 17th of February. He did great and we won the V1 at the biggest Indoor-Competition of the North, KS-deild, with a score of 8.02. The next competition was the Icelandic Dressage “Gæðngafimi”. Four years ago we won this competition in the “Meistaradeild” in the South, when Korgur was not yet 6 years old. So there was actually a lot to loose. But it went well! We won with an unbelievable score of 8,25, which was just great.

In April we went to a new Indoor competition in the south, which is called “Master of the Masters”, where the winners of all winter indoor competitions compete. No preliminaries, only finals. I rode Korgur in a way that I thought sports-competitions was all about. I was not completely satisfied with the marks we got, but we still finished in third place. Surely there was missing some power in our permormance. It was nice to hear some people talk about how easy it all looked for Korgur. The night after we went as a “secret guest” to the show at Fákur. There Korgur showed the best of himself, in this beautiful indoor arena with firing light´s and a great atmosphere.

We participated in two outdoor-competitions during the summer. The first was a Worldranking- competition in Hólar, where we won the V1 with 7.87. The second was the Icelandic Championships in Selfoss, where we got 7.87 in the V1 and a 5-6 place in the A-final.

It was a great year. I learned a lot. I will try to do even better in 2017, though.

Finally it is nice to mention a few great mares that came to visit Korgur last summer. Stefna frá Torfunesi, the winner of the four-year old mares at Landsmót 2016. Two fantastic mares, Vaka frá Narfastöðum and Lukka frá Þúfum., Elding frá Torfunesi (damn of Eldur frá Torfunesi), the Icelandic champion in children´s class Saga frá Skriðu, and many more. There are exciting times ahead.

Korgur frá Ingólfshvoli