More projects

In February the weather was unbelievably good for this time of the year, which inspired us to start some exciting projects. We started creating some riding trails, but shortly after we began, it started to snow. This weather unfortunately lasted almost two months. We were able to start again shortly after, and hopefully we will be able to take our first ride on them in a little while.

We created two straight tracks, both about 150 meters in length, mainly for practicing breeding assessments and riding pace. We also have a loop where we can allow the horses to run in small groups for strength, variation in training and better condition. This ring runs through our little forest and along a nice road next to the field. It’s going to be very nice to have this kind of variation for both horses and riders.

The other project we are working on is creating our garden behind the house. We have placed trees in it, and are now going to “close” it with a wooden fence. We are also putting a small patio in the garden so that we can drink a cup of coffee outside or get a little bit of colour on our cheeks when we have some free time to sit down.