Refsstöðum (8.39), honorary price for offspring

Kvika frá Nautabúi *2017

F. Hraunar frá Hrosshaga (8.24 fourgaited as a 4 y/o)
M. Harpa frá Nautabúi (7.83/8.15 without pace)


Kvika is pregnant by Viðar frá Skör (9.04), the highest judged Icelandic horse in the world.
Kvika is a 5 year old mare, with a lot of lightness in her gaits with high movements. The tölt is natural to her and she has good speed range in tölt.
Kvika’s sire, Hraunar, got a very good judgement when he was 4 years old (8.24 fourgaited with 9.5 for slow tölt) and made a big impression on Landsmót 2016. He has been a very succesful competitionhorse in Denmark for some years now, and has started to proof himself as an excellent breeding horse. Hraunar sadly past away a short while ago.
We look forward to answer your questions about Kvika. More information through PM on facebook or per email:
Price: category D