Refsstöðum (8.39), honorary price for offspring

Kvika frá Nautabúi *2017


F. Hraunar frá Hrosshaga (8.24 fourgaited as a 4 y/o)
M. Harpa frá Nautabúi (7.83/8.15 without pace)

Kvika is a 5 year old mare, with a lot of lightness in her gaits with high movements. The tölt is natural to her and she has good speed range in tölt.
Kvika’s sire, Hraunar, got a very good judgement when he was 4 years old (8.24 fourgaited with 9.5 for slow tölt) and made a big impression on Landsmót 2016. He has been a very succesful competitionhorse in Denmark for some years now, and has started to proof himself as an excellent breeding horse. Hraunar sadly past away way too early. Kvika elder brother, also after Harpa, has been prooving himself as an excellent competition horse this summer, especially in children's class Gæðingakeppni, only 8 years old.
Kvika gave birth to beautiful colt this summer, after Viðar frá Skör (9.04). She is now visiting Vökull frá Efri-Brú (8.37).
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Price: category D